GNOME Water Temperature Applet

The GNOME Water Temperature Applet displays water temperatures of rivers, lakes and oceans in your GNOME panel. So you know when you can go swimming. It currently features data sources from Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States. Feel free to suggest more websites with water temperatures or add them yourself.


2009-09-03: Release 0.5.2. The applet is now translated into Russian (by Vladimir Yatulchik) and several small bugs are fixed. Ubuntu users can get the package from my updated personal package archive (PPA):


2009-06-11: Summer update 0.5.1. Data source updates only.

2009-02-10: Version 0.5.0 released: With GUI improvements, Turkish translation and many fixed data sources. Ubuntu Hardy and Intrepid users can get the package from my personal package archive (PPA):

	deb hardy main
	deb-src hardy main

	deb intrepid main
	deb-src intrepid main

2008-09-17: Version 0.4.3 released featuring new data sources in Turkey and fixed data sources in France.


The Water Temperature Applet on Debian GNU/Linux Lenny in German. A nice temperature to go swimming!

watertmp-applet-0.5.2 screenshot in German

Historic screenshots: version 0.2.0 on Ubuntu 7.04, version 0.3.0 on Ubuntu 7.10,
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